Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Week 4 & 5

I have been a bit lazy with updating but I have been so busy with so many changes in my personal life I just haven't had time.
Last time I was hoping for 1lb loss to get my half a stone award, that week I lost 0.5lb I was slightly disappointed obviously as I was so close. Old me would have thought bugger it I am having a treat as I aren't losing much anyway then sulked because I didn't get award. Instead I congratulated myself, stayed to group for more inspiration and had a great week on plan.
Last week, week 5 I lost 1.5lb and got my half a stone yay. I lost more than I expected to as was over the moon!

Last week I also got a new job. I am over the moon after hunting since January. It is in retail, early mornings and long hours on my feet. This is motivating me to lose weight as being lighter and healthier will make the job easier for me and less strain on my body. Also I am sure it will keep me motivated as I will have to make sure my uniform fits well and also have a routine.
This weekend my mum visited, having visitors can make being on plan difficult when it includes meals out etc!
I had a great weekend on plan despite several obstacles and struggling in parts. Also a non scale victory.

Friday night everyone had takeaway and I resisted and had my yummy homemade burger and chips. Yesterday at the car boot I did have a bacon sandwich as I was feeling unwell with hunger and tiredness but I enjoyed it, syned it best I could and didn't feel guilty. 

Last night at harvester was difficult with 3 people eating fried chicken, burgers and chips, I went for my usual simply chicken. Jacket was horrible, it had clearly been there all day and all they could offer was fries as a replacement so I made do with chicken and salad.

My non scale victory was yesterday getting up at 5am for the car boot, normally I struggle and feel rough all day but I felt great yesterday which must be from the weight loss and healthy diet. I am more confident I will be ok with my 7am starts at my new job.

 On Thursday we go on holiday o my mums for a week in Devon. The 5.5 hour drive is usually a danger zone with services offering their delights! I am planning a rice or cous cous salad, lots of fruit, low syn crisps and drinks to keep me full and on plan. The boredom of the drive also increases my hunger so will make sure I am well prepared.
I don't plan to be overly strict while I am there, I will be having fish & chips from my favourite place and a cream tea but I will try harder than usual and put more effort in. My mum gets weighed Thursdays too and instead of booking a holiday from class I will be weighing in at her class which will keep me focussed.
I will update with my weigh in results on Thursday before we go away.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Week 3 weigh in

It has been such a long time since I updated and this entry is a few days late but life is so hectic at the moment which I love as it means my businesses are being successful!

Thursday I was hoping for a 2lb loss to get my half a stone award, I lost 1lb. Old me would have been gutted I missed out and 'only' lost a pound. New me was so happy to have lost a pound when I felt no slimmer and I thought next week it will be mine.

I have been trying hard this week. I had dinner at my grandparents yesterday, syns unknown. It was only syns for a medium sized Yorkshire pudding and gravy so not too bad! I also had 1/4 of a sandwich and 3 roast potatoes from the buffet at the pub. I was so proud of myself as normally the pub equals 4-5 sandwiches, god knows how many roasties and creamy bubble and squeak. I wasn't completely on plan as I wished but it was better than old me so I am taking that as a positive.

Saturday we were out all day, it was unexpected. I missed breakfast, while we were out I couldn't find anything on plan which was a big disappointment. A café doing jacket and beans would have been perfect but no such luck. I resisted everything whilst my boyfriend at a sausage roll, pork pie and Cornish pasty - all home made eek! I didn't eat until 5pm that day, not ideal but to me better than eating my weekly syns for things I wouldn't enjoy! I drank plenty so that's a plus!

I have a busy week at work carpet cleaning so I am hoping the exercise from this will help too! It is heavy and warm work trust me with a total of 18 carpets booked in!

Fingers crossed I get my half a stone award this week, I will let you know!