Thursday, 31 July 2014

Week 2 weigh in

I am over the moon to say I lost 3.5lb today making it 5lb in total for 2 weeks.

My aim for next week is 2lb off to get my half a stone award and be into the lower stone bracket.

I have to admit I was slightly disappointed with a smaller loss of 1.5lb last week for my first week but I was positive as it was a loss still.

Last week I won the raffle and got a big fruit basket which I think has helped my weight loss as I have made an effort to eat lots more superfree this week and snacking on superfree instead of going for my syns.

I have also made an effort to drink more this week, I have had 2-3 cups of green tea a day plus 2 pints of sugar free dilute with water. Clearly these changes have paid off.

I plan to keep this up this week and get my half a stone award next week.

I am feeling really different this week, I can see a difference in my body for definite and also my confidence levels.

I feel like a different person, I used to love my weigh day. I would skip class to go for a McDonald's breakfast, followed by a sandwich for lunch, crisps, pastries, chocolate and whatever else I fancied then dinner was a takeaway when my partner got home.

Now I stay to class until the end, and really enjoy talking about my journey, hearing others and getting great tips and advice. I come home and have a lunch same as any other day, no naughties or binging and tonight will be a lovely on plan meal no takeaway for the sake of it.

My circumstances have changed since last time so I cannot afford to eat like I use to every Thursday but more importantly I do not want to eat like that. I can afford a sandwich for lunch and a takeaway tonight but I really don't fancy it. I don't want the greasy taste in my mouth, the full and bloated sick feeling that leads to me feeling depressed and unable to sleep as I am so uncomfortable and I definitely don't want the junk food hangover tomorrow. I can honestly say I have had a much worse hangover from a day of bingeing compared to a night out. It just isn't worth it!

Roll on next week!

Food Diary
B - Missed as I had class, I usually take fruit or a hifi to have but wasn't feel great this morning.
L - Ham, cheese & onion omelette, yoghurt (1 syn) & fruit (healthy extra a)
D - left over slow cooked gammon from yesterday, chips, egg, beans & vegetables.
S - hifi bar (healthy b)

Nothing else for syns in the house so might nip out a get something later as I don't want to end on just 1 syn!

Sunday, 27 July 2014


Since re joining (I know only 11 days) but I have noticed some big changes in my attitude to food. There have been several times I have really noticed a change and been quite surprised with myself which then gives me a little extra boost of motivation to carry on.

We had lunch out at harvester, harvester is great for Slimming World and I always choose simply chicken which is chicken with a jacket potato and peas. I am not so good with the salad cart,  I sneak in crispy onions, sauce, mayo laden pasta and potatoes. I always tell myself a little bit wont hurt and forget to count the syns. My partner usually goes for a burger or chicken with fries. I have a bit of the chicken with greasy skin or  a bite of the burger and a few chips. Always forgetting the syns and thinking a little bit will not hurt.

Yesterday I had the usually simply chicken but only free foods from the salad, avoided any pasta, crispy onions or potatoes. My partner had piri-piri chicken with fries, I resisted any taste even when he asked what felt like a million times! I walked out nicely full and feeling proud.

Last night we went fishing, my partner always takes approx 3 loafs of white bread as his bait and usually 4-5 slices become snacks when the boredom sets in after a few hours. I know I shouldn't but boredom eating is terrible and the bread is so moreish.

Last night when we went fishing, the usual bread was there and we were fishing 5pm-9pm. I hadn't eaten since midday and I was ravenous. Not a single piece of bread passed my lips. I contemplated a small bite and syn it but I knew once I got the taste that would be it. I drank my water and distracted myself with my book. It was worth the wait of getting home to syn free burger and chips!

This morning we went to the car boot for a look for Liam some golf balls, we rarely go but every time we have it ends with a cake from the homemade cake stall and a big bacon & sausage sandwich on a white bap with lots of sauce

Today I was absolutely starving, feeling a bit ill and wishing I had eaten before we left but I resisted, came home and had a ketchup and ham toastie (0.5 syn and a healthy b) with lots of fruit.

Tonight we are going to the pub, we used to go every Sunday as the quiz is on and my in laws go. We go less now due to being skint. Half way through there is an offering of deep fried roast potatoes, sandwiches and bubble and squeak with an inch of melted cheese on top. I usually tell myself I will have a couple of sandwiches, a few potatoes and a small portion of bubble & squeak. This usually turns out to be 5-6 sandwiches (they are cut into quarters so approx 1 and a half full sandwich), a plate full of roasties and a big scoop of bubble & squeak. Luckily I don't drinks so stay on plan with diet coke.

Tonight I know I will stay on plan. I had a bad lunch at my grandma in laws (it seemed health but actually came to 21.5 syns eek!) and normally I would think, to hell with it, I have ruined my day and gone over my syns anyway why not just have the rest of the day off and start again tomorrow. Today I am thinking I may have gone over but only by 6.5, if I reduce the next 3 days by a few syns each day I can sort this and get a good loss. The food makes me bloated, its very greasy and I feel ill after - why would I want to do that to myself for two seconds of nice taste in my mouth?

These little changes, this non scale victories are amazing to me and boosting my motivation to keep focussed and get to target this time.

I am keeping going and looking forward to the scales on Thursday!

Thursday, 24 July 2014

First weigh in

The results are in;

I lost 1.5lb, not a massive loss but as I always say I am happy as long as I lose. I have been doing Slimming World for 5/6 weeks before re joining so my body is used to the plan already so a big loss wasn't expected. I am happy that it is 1.5lb closer to my goal and a healthier happier me.

Group was lovely again this morning, I won the raffle which was a fruit hamper. My funds at limited so buying fruit can sometimes be a struggle so this was a life saver for me, I was over the moon. This will definitely get my week off to a good start. Here is to another loss this week!

My plans for this week are to try and get more superfree in, I do my best but as mentioned it is difficult with limited funds. The free fruit will definitely help though! I also need to drink more, I go most days only having 1-2 drinks a day which is no where near enough especially in this weather. I get so busy sometimes I just forget.

My mum is coming up on Friday evening until Sunday. She has lived in Devon since April 2013 and I don't see her often so I am so excited to see her. She used to do Slimming World with me in 2010 and did so well losing over 2 stone. She is considering joining again down there so wants me to explain the plan to her again this weekend, I am excited to inspire her again. We are planning a syn free BBQ, syn free burgers, low syn sausages, chicken and vegetable kebabs and homemade potato salad with a big salad bowl. I am so excited. Hopefully fit in a syn free roast on Sunday too!!

Food Diary

B - Hifi bar in group (Healthy b)
L - pasta & sauce (using health a), 3 kiwi, apple
D - mushy pea curry, mushrooms, onion, beef, rice. Fruit & yoghurt for dessert

No idea on syns yet!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014


I have many inspirations that keep me on track through the week and inspirations that have made me never give up and re-join class.

I am a member of a few support groups on Facebook but the most inspirational for me is Foxy's Fabulous Fat Fighters (FFFF), we all post daily with updates on weight loss, food diaries and food photos and sometimes none weight loss related posts. We all support each other, congratulate weight losses, give advice when needed and support through those tough times. It is amazing having this as midweek support and I don't think I could do this journey without them.

My Slimming World group also has a Facebook group just for our members, this is similar to FFFF and also provides great inspiration and midweek support. I think that too will become a big help as my journey goes on.

Instagram is a massive support, I have become addicted to taking photos of my food and have been told my photos often help and inspire others. Instagram is amazing for support and inspiration too. I have seen several inspiration quotes or food posts that have helped me through the week. You can follow me @polkadot26 on there.

Weight Loss Bitch, she is an amazing woman. She has lost 20 stone 13lb to date (she weighs in today so may have achieved her 21 stone award!!) , which is just unreal. She is very honest with her journey which is so inspiring. I read her blog daily and love seeing her updates and food diaries. I know she inspires tons of people and if you are in need of inspiration check out her Facebook page (, twitter @weightlossbitch or her blog . I can assure you that you will not be disappointed.

My group also provides inspiration, having only been back one week and stayed to one meeting I have been inspired immensely. I got so many great tips, heard amazing success stories and also heard support given to the members who hadn't had the best weeks. I got an amazing recipes for a carbonara, I have never tried carbonara but it was divine and will be a regulaer.

I hope one day I can be an inspiration to others, I have brought my Slimming World recipe blog back to life too which you can check out here - .

Food Diary

B - 2 wholemeal bread from 400g loaf toasted (Healthy b), 2 slices of ham, 1/2 tbsp ketchup (0.5 syns) and a coffee using milk from healthy a.
L - Pasta n sauce using milk from healthy a, mango, tomatoes
D - Chilli (6 syns for reduced fat mince), rice.
S - apple, 3 kiwis, caramel hifi (6 syns)

12.5 syns

Sunday, 20 July 2014


I am only 4 days back into Slimming World and I already feel different, it feels this time could really be the last time and I already have so much to be proud of.
Firstly, last night I was offered a free meal to a Greek night, I love Greek food but politely declined. I saw the menu beforehand and apart from the fruit salad there was nothing I would have been able to eat and stay on plan. I know you can say, "its only one meal" " its a treat" "its a one off" but that one meal would have been a weeks worth of syns, probably thrown me off track and affected my first weigh in - definitely not worth it!
Today was my 7th Race for Life, my first proud moment came when I took a selfie and uploaded to Instagram - I couldn't believe it was me and how slim I looked - it is definitely something for me to admit I look slim. This has really spurred me on and motivated me to get to target.
I very rarely see my true reflection in the mirror, most of the time I see the 16 stone me not the 14 stone 6.5lb me!
I completed the Race for Life in 52 minutes, my fastest yet, last year was 56. Over the last 7 years times have ranged from 56 minutes - 75 minutes so I am so impressed with myself. 4 minutes off last years and a whopping 23 minutes off my slowest! I am amazed.
Afterwards I recovered quicker, usually I need a long rest, the 10 minute walk back to the car is a killer and I am wiped out for the rest of the day. Today I practically ran back to the car, I was full of energy. My cousin (whose daughter I did it with) offered us lunch of crusty baguettes with roast chicken (my favourite!!) but again I politely declined and went to my grandma in laws for our usual low syn Sunday lunch. Much more filling and nutritional too!
My previous nights after the Race for Life included slobbing in front of the TV, take away (even when I was still on SW!) and not moving for the night. Tonight involved trying a new recipe, syn free carbonara and going for another 2 mile walk (after 3 miles this morning!) around the golf course. I hardly recognise myself haha!
I have so much to be proud of today and I feel like a new person and really feel like I am looking at someone elses life not mine. I get the feeling there are only more proud moments to come and my life is going to change dramatically and I really cant wait. This is the life I deserve, the life of a fit and healthy 23 year old not a 23 year old acting like an older person with aches, pains and other ailments!
Thank you for all your support so far!
Food diary - extra easy
B - 2 wholemeal bread toasted (healthy b), 1 tsp Lurpak light (1.5 syns), 2 slices of ham & 1 tbsp. ketchup (1 syn)
L - gammon, peas, green beans, carrots, onions, roast potatoes, boiled potatoes, Yorkshire pudding (2.5 syns), gravy (2.5 syns)
D - Carbonara using healthy extra a
S - mini twister (2)
9.5 syns

Thursday, 17 July 2014

New start

This morning I re-joined my local Slimming World, I went back to the class I joined in August 2013. The leader recognised me which I was scared of but was actually quite nice as she was happy to have me back again. Last night and this morning I was really excited about going rather than my usual nerves.

This morning I had two benefit bars (Healthy B choice) and a coffee (part healthy a), in future I will be eating the bars while I am at class not eating before I go.

Class was great, I sat next to some lovely ladies, some I vaguely remembered from last time and some from before. I got weighed before class and was almost a stone lighter than when I left in September, I couldn't believe it. I still decided to start again as I wanted a fresh start.

I saw two people I definitely remembered from before, one was still at target after losing almost 5 stone and looked amazing, the other had only been going a few weeks when I left and was now at target after losing 4 stone and she looked incredible, such an inspiration.

There was a particular lady/couple that inspired me greatly today. She looked quite young, early/mid 30s possibly younger, she had lost 6 stone 13.5lbs, she had missed her 7 stone award which she was fine about which I found inspiring as most people would beat themselves up for not getting it. It was this that inspired me though, it was her story, her and her husband had never been abroad together as she refused to go aboard at her size so lost this weight and is now going on her first abroad holiday with him on Tuesday. It made me quite emotional actually and really motivated me.

I have also been working on some little rewards for milestones, I will share this as soon as it is finalised.

I have not had a bad day on plan but not great either. It is now 3:15pm and it is the first time I have sat down since I left at 9am. After group I took my grandma in law shopping as my mother in law who usually takes her on holiday, after we got back I had a drink with her and a chat for an hour or so then had to go to Asda to do my own shopping.

It is so hot here, I couldn't face making anything or eating so lunch has been a 1 syn ice lolly, oops! I will have to try harder!

I will keep you updated on my progress!
Breakfast - 2 benefit bars (Healthy extra b), coffee (part healthy extra a)
Snack - cup of tea (part healthy extra a)
Lunch - Mr Freeze ice lolly (1), hifi bar (6)
Dinner - Salmon, peppers, onions, Ainsley Harriott spice sensation cous cous (1.5 syns)

I may have another ice lolly and/or fruit later after dinner. Also hoping to go golfing to get some more body magic in.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014


I am a worrier, I always have been and if I am not worrying, I am worrying because I aren't haha!

I have made the decision to go back to class, since leaving classes I have never done so well, I am doing well at the moment but I do go through phases like this then the motivation drops and I go back up to my starting weight. If I go back to class I have help and support to help me through the tougher times.

I have worries about going back to group, probably the same worries any new/returning member has. What if I don't lose weight in my first week or not a lot, what if it doesn't work and I don't lose weight and embarrass myself. It is all silly as I know the plan works, I got my 2.5 stone award in 2010 and was close to my 3 stone award so it clearly works. I just need to put the work in and stop messing around.

I remember I considered going back in 2012  and my old consultant advised against it as she didn't think I was ready to go back as I had tried Weight Watchers recently so wasn't 'committed' to Slimming World. This upset me at the time as I felt like I wasn't welcome to come back even though I really wanted to try again. The group I am going to now is a group I joined last August (a year later, still the same weight I was last time I joined I clearly need the help!!) and I do worry I might not feel welcome. Hopefully she might not recognise me! I know it is a different consultant and people return to class all the time but it still worries me after that experience.

I am not really on plan today, I woke up at 4am feeling very sick (luckily I wasn't!) and didn't drop off until 6am again, I woke up at 7:30am when my partner left for work and had broken sleep until about 10am. I feel a lot better now, I have managed to clean the house (great body magic!) but don't feel like eating. I've had two pints of water and about to make a coffee, I might try some toast later.

I will let you know on Thursday how it goes after joining!

Monday, 14 July 2014

Positive thinking

Today I have been doing a lot of thinking. Mostly about the mind and how our thoughts influence how we act, how we feel and our weight loss journeys.

I have been having counselling for the past 12 weeks following a car accident in January 2013 which left me feeling vulnerable and with a phobia of driving and motorways. Today was my last session, I have changed so much in 12 weeks, I am back to being a confident driver and passenger, not thinking twice about motorways and enjoying driving again. It is like a miracle, except it isn't a miracle it has been 12 weeks of hard work of my changing my negative thoughts and perceptions into positive ones and finding ways to cope. I knew all along it was my mind causing my issues but I needed the help of the counsellor to overcome my thoughts and help me create new positive thoughts.

I have been trying my best recently to put the things I have learnt into my everyday life. For instance, I go golfing regularly with my boyfriend, I don't play I just go for the 2 mile walk which is quite hilly so a great workout. I sometimes think I cant be bothered and would rather stay at home in my PJs then I change my thoughts to, its great exercise, its pretty much the only exercise I get and is important. Once we have finished I feel refreshed, revitalised and I am so glad I have done. Positive thinking really does help.

I am going to try this week to change any negative thoughts I have about weight loss or eating. For example I have struggled this weekend, Liam is off work, we don't have any spare money to do anything which results in time at home not doing much, watching TV. This leads to boredom which leads to eating, Sunday I wasn't so bad as we got out and did things. Saturday we didn't so I snacked a lot, went way over my points. A way I plan to combat this in future is suggest we do something, play a game, play cards, go for a walk just something different to break up the day and reduce boredom and the chance of overeating.

Yesterday we went to the liquorice festival, last year I thought screw the diet and got a cupcake and vodka. I resisted yesterday, thought to myself I have weigh in tomorrow, my Sunday lunch will be a fair few syns, do I really want to ruin it? In all fairness one cupcake wouldn't have hurt (I hardly drink now so I wouldn't have got the vodka either way) but one cupcake could lead to me thinking "screw it, I've gone over my syns anyway I might as well just eat what I want and start again tomorrow". I made a conscious decision and a positive thought and succeeded. I feel proud as they looked and smelt so good and had my favourite carrot cake.

I am not saying it is easy to change negative thoughts into positive. We all have time off plan and down days where no matter what we do we cant think positive (I felt this way Friday!) but I think its important to try. The more you do it, the easier it gets and eventually becomes second nature. I have successfully done this with my driving and now its a positive habit. Hopefully overtime I can do this with my weight loss and eating!

Today's food diary, extra easy day
Breakfast - 2 wholemeal bread, 400g loaf (Health extra b) , 2 tsp of flora light (3 syns), 2 doughnut peaches (so yummy & addictive!), apricot & coffee (1 syn for the milk).

Lunch - SW chips (made in the actifry with fry light), 40g reduced fat cheese (healthy extra a), watermelon.

Snack - Salted caramel hifi bar (6 syns), peppermint & nettle tea (very refreshing and so good for digestion and bloating).

Dinner - homemade chilli. Lean mince (5 syns), sweetcorn, passata & kidney beans. Served with rice.

Total 11 syns.

Starting point

I have had a couple of weight loss blogs before including a recipe blog (I need to update this as it was so popular and helpful I was told!) and I always follow the same pattern, full of enthusiasm at the beginning, update regularly then life get in the way and I forget then it just disappears.

I am determined this time to keep up with it, in the past my blog kept me motivated, was a great way to track my journey and a place for me post my food diary and be accountable for what I have eaten.

I read a blog daily, you may be familiar with Weight Loss Bitch ( , she has lost an amazing amount of weight and is a great inspiration of mine. I love her honest blog and it keeps me focussed and is the main inspiration for starting my own again. Hopefully it'll help me!

This is mainly a tool for me but if it helps others too that'd be lovely. I am open to tips and advice from anyone so don't feel shy to share your comments with me.

Time for a bit of background about me. I am 23 years old, living in Yorkshire with my partner. We have our own home, no pets or children just quite happy being us. I run two small businesses, this is great for weight loss at times but can also be a hindrance when I get bored and am home alone with the fridge calling.

I first joined Slimming World in 2009, I lost just over 2.5 stone, sadly my amazing consultant passed away 7 months after I joined and I struggled to lose weight without her and go back to class as it was upsetting after growing so close to her. Since then I have tried Weight Watchers online, 5:2 from home, calorie counting and have joined 3 more Slimming World groups.

I have never managed to get any lower than 13 stone 8lbs. I recently got back close to my starting weight and decided I needed to pull my finger out and take action! I started losing weight again with Slimming World from home, I weighed in at 15 stone 5lb and I am now 12lb down in 5 weeks, not bad considering I had a week off for my birthday during those 5 weeks.

I was considering classes again as I felt like I was struggling at home but a weight in this morning showed 3lb off even with a difficult weekend of snacking! This is proof enough to me I am strong enough to go it alone. I can't really afford classes at the moment, being self employed can make income hard as it varies week to week so I try my best to be careful.

I have decided to give it until the end of July (two more weigh ins!) and see how I feel before going back to groups.

This blog will not just be food photos and weigh in results it will also be about general life and how it is affecting my weight loss etc.

I hope you enjoy reading!