Sunday, 27 July 2014


Since re joining (I know only 11 days) but I have noticed some big changes in my attitude to food. There have been several times I have really noticed a change and been quite surprised with myself which then gives me a little extra boost of motivation to carry on.

We had lunch out at harvester, harvester is great for Slimming World and I always choose simply chicken which is chicken with a jacket potato and peas. I am not so good with the salad cart,  I sneak in crispy onions, sauce, mayo laden pasta and potatoes. I always tell myself a little bit wont hurt and forget to count the syns. My partner usually goes for a burger or chicken with fries. I have a bit of the chicken with greasy skin or  a bite of the burger and a few chips. Always forgetting the syns and thinking a little bit will not hurt.

Yesterday I had the usually simply chicken but only free foods from the salad, avoided any pasta, crispy onions or potatoes. My partner had piri-piri chicken with fries, I resisted any taste even when he asked what felt like a million times! I walked out nicely full and feeling proud.

Last night we went fishing, my partner always takes approx 3 loafs of white bread as his bait and usually 4-5 slices become snacks when the boredom sets in after a few hours. I know I shouldn't but boredom eating is terrible and the bread is so moreish.

Last night when we went fishing, the usual bread was there and we were fishing 5pm-9pm. I hadn't eaten since midday and I was ravenous. Not a single piece of bread passed my lips. I contemplated a small bite and syn it but I knew once I got the taste that would be it. I drank my water and distracted myself with my book. It was worth the wait of getting home to syn free burger and chips!

This morning we went to the car boot for a look for Liam some golf balls, we rarely go but every time we have it ends with a cake from the homemade cake stall and a big bacon & sausage sandwich on a white bap with lots of sauce

Today I was absolutely starving, feeling a bit ill and wishing I had eaten before we left but I resisted, came home and had a ketchup and ham toastie (0.5 syn and a healthy b) with lots of fruit.

Tonight we are going to the pub, we used to go every Sunday as the quiz is on and my in laws go. We go less now due to being skint. Half way through there is an offering of deep fried roast potatoes, sandwiches and bubble and squeak with an inch of melted cheese on top. I usually tell myself I will have a couple of sandwiches, a few potatoes and a small portion of bubble & squeak. This usually turns out to be 5-6 sandwiches (they are cut into quarters so approx 1 and a half full sandwich), a plate full of roasties and a big scoop of bubble & squeak. Luckily I don't drinks so stay on plan with diet coke.

Tonight I know I will stay on plan. I had a bad lunch at my grandma in laws (it seemed health but actually came to 21.5 syns eek!) and normally I would think, to hell with it, I have ruined my day and gone over my syns anyway why not just have the rest of the day off and start again tomorrow. Today I am thinking I may have gone over but only by 6.5, if I reduce the next 3 days by a few syns each day I can sort this and get a good loss. The food makes me bloated, its very greasy and I feel ill after - why would I want to do that to myself for two seconds of nice taste in my mouth?

These little changes, this non scale victories are amazing to me and boosting my motivation to keep focussed and get to target this time.

I am keeping going and looking forward to the scales on Thursday!


  1. Wow you have made fab choices sweetie and good on for your granny-in-laws im not sure what advice to give to be honest except maybe ask to downsize the size of your food and get something else to eat when you get home, this way it wont her feelings!!

    Anyhoo keep up with your great choices and i am here if you need any support!!
    hugs and xxx

  2. Thank you! I have an action plan for Granny in laws now so hopefully it'll work and will see how it goes!


    1. Let us know how you get on!!
      hugs and xxx