Tuesday, 15 July 2014


I am a worrier, I always have been and if I am not worrying, I am worrying because I aren't haha!

I have made the decision to go back to class, since leaving classes I have never done so well, I am doing well at the moment but I do go through phases like this then the motivation drops and I go back up to my starting weight. If I go back to class I have help and support to help me through the tougher times.

I have worries about going back to group, probably the same worries any new/returning member has. What if I don't lose weight in my first week or not a lot, what if it doesn't work and I don't lose weight and embarrass myself. It is all silly as I know the plan works, I got my 2.5 stone award in 2010 and was close to my 3 stone award so it clearly works. I just need to put the work in and stop messing around.

I remember I considered going back in 2012  and my old consultant advised against it as she didn't think I was ready to go back as I had tried Weight Watchers recently so wasn't 'committed' to Slimming World. This upset me at the time as I felt like I wasn't welcome to come back even though I really wanted to try again. The group I am going to now is a group I joined last August (a year later, still the same weight I was last time I joined I clearly need the help!!) and I do worry I might not feel welcome. Hopefully she might not recognise me! I know it is a different consultant and people return to class all the time but it still worries me after that experience.

I am not really on plan today, I woke up at 4am feeling very sick (luckily I wasn't!) and didn't drop off until 6am again, I woke up at 7:30am when my partner left for work and had broken sleep until about 10am. I feel a lot better now, I have managed to clean the house (great body magic!) but don't feel like eating. I've had two pints of water and about to make a coffee, I might try some toast later.

I will let you know on Thursday how it goes after joining!

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