Thursday, 24 July 2014

First weigh in

The results are in;

I lost 1.5lb, not a massive loss but as I always say I am happy as long as I lose. I have been doing Slimming World for 5/6 weeks before re joining so my body is used to the plan already so a big loss wasn't expected. I am happy that it is 1.5lb closer to my goal and a healthier happier me.

Group was lovely again this morning, I won the raffle which was a fruit hamper. My funds at limited so buying fruit can sometimes be a struggle so this was a life saver for me, I was over the moon. This will definitely get my week off to a good start. Here is to another loss this week!

My plans for this week are to try and get more superfree in, I do my best but as mentioned it is difficult with limited funds. The free fruit will definitely help though! I also need to drink more, I go most days only having 1-2 drinks a day which is no where near enough especially in this weather. I get so busy sometimes I just forget.

My mum is coming up on Friday evening until Sunday. She has lived in Devon since April 2013 and I don't see her often so I am so excited to see her. She used to do Slimming World with me in 2010 and did so well losing over 2 stone. She is considering joining again down there so wants me to explain the plan to her again this weekend, I am excited to inspire her again. We are planning a syn free BBQ, syn free burgers, low syn sausages, chicken and vegetable kebabs and homemade potato salad with a big salad bowl. I am so excited. Hopefully fit in a syn free roast on Sunday too!!

Food Diary

B - Hifi bar in group (Healthy b)
L - pasta & sauce (using health a), 3 kiwi, apple
D - mushy pea curry, mushrooms, onion, beef, rice. Fruit & yoghurt for dessert

No idea on syns yet!

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