Monday, 14 July 2014

Starting point

I have had a couple of weight loss blogs before including a recipe blog (I need to update this as it was so popular and helpful I was told!) and I always follow the same pattern, full of enthusiasm at the beginning, update regularly then life get in the way and I forget then it just disappears.

I am determined this time to keep up with it, in the past my blog kept me motivated, was a great way to track my journey and a place for me post my food diary and be accountable for what I have eaten.

I read a blog daily, you may be familiar with Weight Loss Bitch ( , she has lost an amazing amount of weight and is a great inspiration of mine. I love her honest blog and it keeps me focussed and is the main inspiration for starting my own again. Hopefully it'll help me!

This is mainly a tool for me but if it helps others too that'd be lovely. I am open to tips and advice from anyone so don't feel shy to share your comments with me.

Time for a bit of background about me. I am 23 years old, living in Yorkshire with my partner. We have our own home, no pets or children just quite happy being us. I run two small businesses, this is great for weight loss at times but can also be a hindrance when I get bored and am home alone with the fridge calling.

I first joined Slimming World in 2009, I lost just over 2.5 stone, sadly my amazing consultant passed away 7 months after I joined and I struggled to lose weight without her and go back to class as it was upsetting after growing so close to her. Since then I have tried Weight Watchers online, 5:2 from home, calorie counting and have joined 3 more Slimming World groups.

I have never managed to get any lower than 13 stone 8lbs. I recently got back close to my starting weight and decided I needed to pull my finger out and take action! I started losing weight again with Slimming World from home, I weighed in at 15 stone 5lb and I am now 12lb down in 5 weeks, not bad considering I had a week off for my birthday during those 5 weeks.

I was considering classes again as I felt like I was struggling at home but a weight in this morning showed 3lb off even with a difficult weekend of snacking! This is proof enough to me I am strong enough to go it alone. I can't really afford classes at the moment, being self employed can make income hard as it varies week to week so I try my best to be careful.

I have decided to give it until the end of July (two more weigh ins!) and see how I feel before going back to groups.

This blog will not just be food photos and weigh in results it will also be about general life and how it is affecting my weight loss etc.

I hope you enjoy reading!


  1. I wouldn't mind one of these blog sites. How do you do it jess. And add stuff etc xx

    1. If you sign up on then its straight forward to just add posts xx

  2. Good luck on your new blog journey :)

    (shecookssheeats) from instagram :) xx

  3. Looking forward to more posts from you! I have just started my own weight loss blog too and can definitely relate to a lot of the things you said. I've been on weight loss journeys before then fell off the wagon and now back to square one but it will all be worth it for both of us :)

    Julie x