Thursday, 17 July 2014

New start

This morning I re-joined my local Slimming World, I went back to the class I joined in August 2013. The leader recognised me which I was scared of but was actually quite nice as she was happy to have me back again. Last night and this morning I was really excited about going rather than my usual nerves.

This morning I had two benefit bars (Healthy B choice) and a coffee (part healthy a), in future I will be eating the bars while I am at class not eating before I go.

Class was great, I sat next to some lovely ladies, some I vaguely remembered from last time and some from before. I got weighed before class and was almost a stone lighter than when I left in September, I couldn't believe it. I still decided to start again as I wanted a fresh start.

I saw two people I definitely remembered from before, one was still at target after losing almost 5 stone and looked amazing, the other had only been going a few weeks when I left and was now at target after losing 4 stone and she looked incredible, such an inspiration.

There was a particular lady/couple that inspired me greatly today. She looked quite young, early/mid 30s possibly younger, she had lost 6 stone 13.5lbs, she had missed her 7 stone award which she was fine about which I found inspiring as most people would beat themselves up for not getting it. It was this that inspired me though, it was her story, her and her husband had never been abroad together as she refused to go aboard at her size so lost this weight and is now going on her first abroad holiday with him on Tuesday. It made me quite emotional actually and really motivated me.

I have also been working on some little rewards for milestones, I will share this as soon as it is finalised.

I have not had a bad day on plan but not great either. It is now 3:15pm and it is the first time I have sat down since I left at 9am. After group I took my grandma in law shopping as my mother in law who usually takes her on holiday, after we got back I had a drink with her and a chat for an hour or so then had to go to Asda to do my own shopping.

It is so hot here, I couldn't face making anything or eating so lunch has been a 1 syn ice lolly, oops! I will have to try harder!

I will keep you updated on my progress!
Breakfast - 2 benefit bars (Healthy extra b), coffee (part healthy extra a)
Snack - cup of tea (part healthy extra a)
Lunch - Mr Freeze ice lolly (1), hifi bar (6)
Dinner - Salmon, peppers, onions, Ainsley Harriott spice sensation cous cous (1.5 syns)

I may have another ice lolly and/or fruit later after dinner. Also hoping to go golfing to get some more body magic in.

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