Sunday, 4 January 2015

Week 1 weigh in

A good result of 6lb off. I first weighed last Sunday 28th December. I am overjoyed with this result, I know first week losses are mostly water and a shock to the body but I am still happy. I hope I can keep it up. I am happy with 1lb a week from now.

I managed to exercise today, just a quick walk but more than I have done for a while. Every little helps! Tomorrow I am to start using the wii fit regularly again as I wont be working as much. Work was the main source of exercise for me so now I will be less active there I need to be more active elsewhere.

I tried juicing for the first time today and it was a success. My lovely friend Anna made a lovely looking celery, carrot & apple juice so I thought I'd give it a go and it was lovely. It tasted so healthy and refreshing. I will be making the same for breakfast tomorrow. I am also making soup tomorrow, now I have all these gadgets (Hinari genie for smoothies/juicing and the soup maker) there is no stopping me now!

The fridge is full of good healthy food for the week ahead and my meals are planned, here's to another good week!

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Fall down five times, get up six

Well I can't believe it has been August since I last posted here. I got a new job in August in retail and have been working so hard since in the build up to Christmas and over Christmas I just haven't had time to post. I did well leading up to Christmas but at the end of November I decided Slimming World didn't fit my new lifestyle and wasn't right.

I haven't really done any health eating in December with working 50 hours but being so active means weight gain has been minimal.

We all feel fed up giving up then restarting again in a few weeks/months but see the positive at least you haven't given up for good. Re-joining a group or just starting again from home means you haven't given up for good and still want to lose weight.

I have decided to take up the eat less, move more attitude and fingers crossed it helps. I have being doing well with meals in the New Year but struggled with snacking on a night, I am happy though as its a good start. Today I went out for lunch at Harvester and had almost 1200 calories in one meal but I missed breakfast and only had fruit and yoghurt for tea as I was still so full so I am happy with that.

The fridge is full of healthy foods, meals are planned and I am raring to go. I am down to 2 days a week at work now so plenty of time to cook good meals and exercise. I plan to walk around the 2.5 mile racecourse regular alongside daily wii fit. This year HAS to be my year!

I will try my best not to abandon here, writing really helps and will hopefully keep me focussed.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Week 4 & 5

I have been a bit lazy with updating but I have been so busy with so many changes in my personal life I just haven't had time.
Last time I was hoping for 1lb loss to get my half a stone award, that week I lost 0.5lb I was slightly disappointed obviously as I was so close. Old me would have thought bugger it I am having a treat as I aren't losing much anyway then sulked because I didn't get award. Instead I congratulated myself, stayed to group for more inspiration and had a great week on plan.
Last week, week 5 I lost 1.5lb and got my half a stone yay. I lost more than I expected to as was over the moon!

Last week I also got a new job. I am over the moon after hunting since January. It is in retail, early mornings and long hours on my feet. This is motivating me to lose weight as being lighter and healthier will make the job easier for me and less strain on my body. Also I am sure it will keep me motivated as I will have to make sure my uniform fits well and also have a routine.
This weekend my mum visited, having visitors can make being on plan difficult when it includes meals out etc!
I had a great weekend on plan despite several obstacles and struggling in parts. Also a non scale victory.

Friday night everyone had takeaway and I resisted and had my yummy homemade burger and chips. Yesterday at the car boot I did have a bacon sandwich as I was feeling unwell with hunger and tiredness but I enjoyed it, syned it best I could and didn't feel guilty. 

Last night at harvester was difficult with 3 people eating fried chicken, burgers and chips, I went for my usual simply chicken. Jacket was horrible, it had clearly been there all day and all they could offer was fries as a replacement so I made do with chicken and salad.

My non scale victory was yesterday getting up at 5am for the car boot, normally I struggle and feel rough all day but I felt great yesterday which must be from the weight loss and healthy diet. I am more confident I will be ok with my 7am starts at my new job.

 On Thursday we go on holiday o my mums for a week in Devon. The 5.5 hour drive is usually a danger zone with services offering their delights! I am planning a rice or cous cous salad, lots of fruit, low syn crisps and drinks to keep me full and on plan. The boredom of the drive also increases my hunger so will make sure I am well prepared.
I don't plan to be overly strict while I am there, I will be having fish & chips from my favourite place and a cream tea but I will try harder than usual and put more effort in. My mum gets weighed Thursdays too and instead of booking a holiday from class I will be weighing in at her class which will keep me focussed.
I will update with my weigh in results on Thursday before we go away.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Week 3 weigh in

It has been such a long time since I updated and this entry is a few days late but life is so hectic at the moment which I love as it means my businesses are being successful!

Thursday I was hoping for a 2lb loss to get my half a stone award, I lost 1lb. Old me would have been gutted I missed out and 'only' lost a pound. New me was so happy to have lost a pound when I felt no slimmer and I thought next week it will be mine.

I have been trying hard this week. I had dinner at my grandparents yesterday, syns unknown. It was only syns for a medium sized Yorkshire pudding and gravy so not too bad! I also had 1/4 of a sandwich and 3 roast potatoes from the buffet at the pub. I was so proud of myself as normally the pub equals 4-5 sandwiches, god knows how many roasties and creamy bubble and squeak. I wasn't completely on plan as I wished but it was better than old me so I am taking that as a positive.

Saturday we were out all day, it was unexpected. I missed breakfast, while we were out I couldn't find anything on plan which was a big disappointment. A café doing jacket and beans would have been perfect but no such luck. I resisted everything whilst my boyfriend at a sausage roll, pork pie and Cornish pasty - all home made eek! I didn't eat until 5pm that day, not ideal but to me better than eating my weekly syns for things I wouldn't enjoy! I drank plenty so that's a plus!

I have a busy week at work carpet cleaning so I am hoping the exercise from this will help too! It is heavy and warm work trust me with a total of 18 carpets booked in!

Fingers crossed I get my half a stone award this week, I will let you know!

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Week 2 weigh in

I am over the moon to say I lost 3.5lb today making it 5lb in total for 2 weeks.

My aim for next week is 2lb off to get my half a stone award and be into the lower stone bracket.

I have to admit I was slightly disappointed with a smaller loss of 1.5lb last week for my first week but I was positive as it was a loss still.

Last week I won the raffle and got a big fruit basket which I think has helped my weight loss as I have made an effort to eat lots more superfree this week and snacking on superfree instead of going for my syns.

I have also made an effort to drink more this week, I have had 2-3 cups of green tea a day plus 2 pints of sugar free dilute with water. Clearly these changes have paid off.

I plan to keep this up this week and get my half a stone award next week.

I am feeling really different this week, I can see a difference in my body for definite and also my confidence levels.

I feel like a different person, I used to love my weigh day. I would skip class to go for a McDonald's breakfast, followed by a sandwich for lunch, crisps, pastries, chocolate and whatever else I fancied then dinner was a takeaway when my partner got home.

Now I stay to class until the end, and really enjoy talking about my journey, hearing others and getting great tips and advice. I come home and have a lunch same as any other day, no naughties or binging and tonight will be a lovely on plan meal no takeaway for the sake of it.

My circumstances have changed since last time so I cannot afford to eat like I use to every Thursday but more importantly I do not want to eat like that. I can afford a sandwich for lunch and a takeaway tonight but I really don't fancy it. I don't want the greasy taste in my mouth, the full and bloated sick feeling that leads to me feeling depressed and unable to sleep as I am so uncomfortable and I definitely don't want the junk food hangover tomorrow. I can honestly say I have had a much worse hangover from a day of bingeing compared to a night out. It just isn't worth it!

Roll on next week!

Food Diary
B - Missed as I had class, I usually take fruit or a hifi to have but wasn't feel great this morning.
L - Ham, cheese & onion omelette, yoghurt (1 syn) & fruit (healthy extra a)
D - left over slow cooked gammon from yesterday, chips, egg, beans & vegetables.
S - hifi bar (healthy b)

Nothing else for syns in the house so might nip out a get something later as I don't want to end on just 1 syn!

Sunday, 27 July 2014


Since re joining (I know only 11 days) but I have noticed some big changes in my attitude to food. There have been several times I have really noticed a change and been quite surprised with myself which then gives me a little extra boost of motivation to carry on.

We had lunch out at harvester, harvester is great for Slimming World and I always choose simply chicken which is chicken with a jacket potato and peas. I am not so good with the salad cart,  I sneak in crispy onions, sauce, mayo laden pasta and potatoes. I always tell myself a little bit wont hurt and forget to count the syns. My partner usually goes for a burger or chicken with fries. I have a bit of the chicken with greasy skin or  a bite of the burger and a few chips. Always forgetting the syns and thinking a little bit will not hurt.

Yesterday I had the usually simply chicken but only free foods from the salad, avoided any pasta, crispy onions or potatoes. My partner had piri-piri chicken with fries, I resisted any taste even when he asked what felt like a million times! I walked out nicely full and feeling proud.

Last night we went fishing, my partner always takes approx 3 loafs of white bread as his bait and usually 4-5 slices become snacks when the boredom sets in after a few hours. I know I shouldn't but boredom eating is terrible and the bread is so moreish.

Last night when we went fishing, the usual bread was there and we were fishing 5pm-9pm. I hadn't eaten since midday and I was ravenous. Not a single piece of bread passed my lips. I contemplated a small bite and syn it but I knew once I got the taste that would be it. I drank my water and distracted myself with my book. It was worth the wait of getting home to syn free burger and chips!

This morning we went to the car boot for a look for Liam some golf balls, we rarely go but every time we have it ends with a cake from the homemade cake stall and a big bacon & sausage sandwich on a white bap with lots of sauce

Today I was absolutely starving, feeling a bit ill and wishing I had eaten before we left but I resisted, came home and had a ketchup and ham toastie (0.5 syn and a healthy b) with lots of fruit.

Tonight we are going to the pub, we used to go every Sunday as the quiz is on and my in laws go. We go less now due to being skint. Half way through there is an offering of deep fried roast potatoes, sandwiches and bubble and squeak with an inch of melted cheese on top. I usually tell myself I will have a couple of sandwiches, a few potatoes and a small portion of bubble & squeak. This usually turns out to be 5-6 sandwiches (they are cut into quarters so approx 1 and a half full sandwich), a plate full of roasties and a big scoop of bubble & squeak. Luckily I don't drinks so stay on plan with diet coke.

Tonight I know I will stay on plan. I had a bad lunch at my grandma in laws (it seemed health but actually came to 21.5 syns eek!) and normally I would think, to hell with it, I have ruined my day and gone over my syns anyway why not just have the rest of the day off and start again tomorrow. Today I am thinking I may have gone over but only by 6.5, if I reduce the next 3 days by a few syns each day I can sort this and get a good loss. The food makes me bloated, its very greasy and I feel ill after - why would I want to do that to myself for two seconds of nice taste in my mouth?

These little changes, this non scale victories are amazing to me and boosting my motivation to keep focussed and get to target this time.

I am keeping going and looking forward to the scales on Thursday!

Thursday, 24 July 2014

First weigh in

The results are in;

I lost 1.5lb, not a massive loss but as I always say I am happy as long as I lose. I have been doing Slimming World for 5/6 weeks before re joining so my body is used to the plan already so a big loss wasn't expected. I am happy that it is 1.5lb closer to my goal and a healthier happier me.

Group was lovely again this morning, I won the raffle which was a fruit hamper. My funds at limited so buying fruit can sometimes be a struggle so this was a life saver for me, I was over the moon. This will definitely get my week off to a good start. Here is to another loss this week!

My plans for this week are to try and get more superfree in, I do my best but as mentioned it is difficult with limited funds. The free fruit will definitely help though! I also need to drink more, I go most days only having 1-2 drinks a day which is no where near enough especially in this weather. I get so busy sometimes I just forget.

My mum is coming up on Friday evening until Sunday. She has lived in Devon since April 2013 and I don't see her often so I am so excited to see her. She used to do Slimming World with me in 2010 and did so well losing over 2 stone. She is considering joining again down there so wants me to explain the plan to her again this weekend, I am excited to inspire her again. We are planning a syn free BBQ, syn free burgers, low syn sausages, chicken and vegetable kebabs and homemade potato salad with a big salad bowl. I am so excited. Hopefully fit in a syn free roast on Sunday too!!

Food Diary

B - Hifi bar in group (Healthy b)
L - pasta & sauce (using health a), 3 kiwi, apple
D - mushy pea curry, mushrooms, onion, beef, rice. Fruit & yoghurt for dessert

No idea on syns yet!