Saturday, 3 January 2015

Fall down five times, get up six

Well I can't believe it has been August since I last posted here. I got a new job in August in retail and have been working so hard since in the build up to Christmas and over Christmas I just haven't had time to post. I did well leading up to Christmas but at the end of November I decided Slimming World didn't fit my new lifestyle and wasn't right.

I haven't really done any health eating in December with working 50 hours but being so active means weight gain has been minimal.

We all feel fed up giving up then restarting again in a few weeks/months but see the positive at least you haven't given up for good. Re-joining a group or just starting again from home means you haven't given up for good and still want to lose weight.

I have decided to take up the eat less, move more attitude and fingers crossed it helps. I have being doing well with meals in the New Year but struggled with snacking on a night, I am happy though as its a good start. Today I went out for lunch at Harvester and had almost 1200 calories in one meal but I missed breakfast and only had fruit and yoghurt for tea as I was still so full so I am happy with that.

The fridge is full of healthy foods, meals are planned and I am raring to go. I am down to 2 days a week at work now so plenty of time to cook good meals and exercise. I plan to walk around the 2.5 mile racecourse regular alongside daily wii fit. This year HAS to be my year!

I will try my best not to abandon here, writing really helps and will hopefully keep me focussed.

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