Monday, 11 August 2014

Week 3 weigh in

It has been such a long time since I updated and this entry is a few days late but life is so hectic at the moment which I love as it means my businesses are being successful!

Thursday I was hoping for a 2lb loss to get my half a stone award, I lost 1lb. Old me would have been gutted I missed out and 'only' lost a pound. New me was so happy to have lost a pound when I felt no slimmer and I thought next week it will be mine.

I have been trying hard this week. I had dinner at my grandparents yesterday, syns unknown. It was only syns for a medium sized Yorkshire pudding and gravy so not too bad! I also had 1/4 of a sandwich and 3 roast potatoes from the buffet at the pub. I was so proud of myself as normally the pub equals 4-5 sandwiches, god knows how many roasties and creamy bubble and squeak. I wasn't completely on plan as I wished but it was better than old me so I am taking that as a positive.

Saturday we were out all day, it was unexpected. I missed breakfast, while we were out I couldn't find anything on plan which was a big disappointment. A café doing jacket and beans would have been perfect but no such luck. I resisted everything whilst my boyfriend at a sausage roll, pork pie and Cornish pasty - all home made eek! I didn't eat until 5pm that day, not ideal but to me better than eating my weekly syns for things I wouldn't enjoy! I drank plenty so that's a plus!

I have a busy week at work carpet cleaning so I am hoping the exercise from this will help too! It is heavy and warm work trust me with a total of 18 carpets booked in!

Fingers crossed I get my half a stone award this week, I will let you know!