Thursday, 31 July 2014

Week 2 weigh in

I am over the moon to say I lost 3.5lb today making it 5lb in total for 2 weeks.

My aim for next week is 2lb off to get my half a stone award and be into the lower stone bracket.

I have to admit I was slightly disappointed with a smaller loss of 1.5lb last week for my first week but I was positive as it was a loss still.

Last week I won the raffle and got a big fruit basket which I think has helped my weight loss as I have made an effort to eat lots more superfree this week and snacking on superfree instead of going for my syns.

I have also made an effort to drink more this week, I have had 2-3 cups of green tea a day plus 2 pints of sugar free dilute with water. Clearly these changes have paid off.

I plan to keep this up this week and get my half a stone award next week.

I am feeling really different this week, I can see a difference in my body for definite and also my confidence levels.

I feel like a different person, I used to love my weigh day. I would skip class to go for a McDonald's breakfast, followed by a sandwich for lunch, crisps, pastries, chocolate and whatever else I fancied then dinner was a takeaway when my partner got home.

Now I stay to class until the end, and really enjoy talking about my journey, hearing others and getting great tips and advice. I come home and have a lunch same as any other day, no naughties or binging and tonight will be a lovely on plan meal no takeaway for the sake of it.

My circumstances have changed since last time so I cannot afford to eat like I use to every Thursday but more importantly I do not want to eat like that. I can afford a sandwich for lunch and a takeaway tonight but I really don't fancy it. I don't want the greasy taste in my mouth, the full and bloated sick feeling that leads to me feeling depressed and unable to sleep as I am so uncomfortable and I definitely don't want the junk food hangover tomorrow. I can honestly say I have had a much worse hangover from a day of bingeing compared to a night out. It just isn't worth it!

Roll on next week!

Food Diary
B - Missed as I had class, I usually take fruit or a hifi to have but wasn't feel great this morning.
L - Ham, cheese & onion omelette, yoghurt (1 syn) & fruit (healthy extra a)
D - left over slow cooked gammon from yesterday, chips, egg, beans & vegetables.
S - hifi bar (healthy b)

Nothing else for syns in the house so might nip out a get something later as I don't want to end on just 1 syn!

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  1. I know what you mean about been slightly disappointed with last weeks loss because i would be but like you say you just have to see it has its a loss and better then gaining!
    Nice to see all the choices and changes you are making...that's fabulous and a great achievement in my books and a fab step in the right direction, keep up with the fab work hun :)
    hugs and xxx